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    ‘Karaim Music Map’ III Prize in Radio Folk Culture Center Contest

    There has never been such a situation in the history of phonographic competitions at Polish Radio, for one album to receive an award in both competitions at the same time.” – we read on the website of the Radio Folk Culture Center. Karaim Music Map is awarded the third prize not only in the Folk … Continue reading “‘Karaim Music Map’ III Prize in Radio Folk Culture Center Contest”

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    Karolina Cicha, one of the most interesting and versatile musicians on the Polish folk scene

    Simon Broughton’s reviev on Mikołajki Folkowe Festival in Songliness magazine

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    ‘The polyglot vocalist reawakens the Tatar warriors.’ – Review in Songlines

    SIMON BRIGHTON: “Karolina Cicha is one of Poland’s most accomplished and interesting vocalist, not least for the choice of muic she performs. Her NINE LANGUAGES album (2013), with the brilliant multi-instrumentalist Bart Pałyga, was performed in the nine languages found in her native Podlasie region of north-east Poland. Two of thise were Tatar songs, and … Continue reading “‘The polyglot vocalist reawakens the Tatar warriors.’ – Review in Songlines”

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    ‘TATAR ALBUM’ ready to download!

    Album avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer,Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music. To choose, klick: https://umusicpl.lnk.to/bfLSx

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    An official video of the TATAR ALBUM

    Let us introduce the film of Armand Urbaniak and Dariusz Wrzoł. „Kirfiklere” – a traditional song of Volga Tatars. directing, screenplay, cameras: Armand Urbaniak i Dariusz Wrzoł;Starring: Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałga; Archerer: Michał Sanczenko – AMM Archery; Tatarski Zespół Dziecięco – Młodzieżowy „Buńczuk”: the girl: Emilia Mucharska, the boy: Selim Mucharski, and: Stefan i … Continue reading “An official video of the TATAR ALBUM”

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    3 singles of the new Tatar album

    The new album will be a continuation of the Tatar motif of the “9 Languages” album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taW9wfV_mfs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izh8ocl4bRw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGrNY3tRKQs We can hear archaic scales of Asian grasslands and Turkish-like melodies of Crimean Tatars. We can listen to such instruments as ‘kabyz’ or steppe ‘dotar’ that could be played whilst horse-riding and hear Tatar songs. These traces help the artists … Continue reading “3 singles of the new Tatar album”

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    New Concert repertoire for 2017

    Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałyga – New concert material After a series of concerts in Poland and abroad, Cicha and Pałyga are coming back to the Podlasie region again on their musical journey. The new concert material is a continuation of the Tatar motif of the “9 Languages” album. The coming season for the artists will be … Continue reading “New Concert repertoire for 2017”

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    Grant for a concert in sacred languages of north-east Poland

    This year Cicha will prepare a concert based on the various religions of her homeland – Podlaskie. I will work on a sacral music from my home region – Podlaskie, north-east Poland. It is a symbolic border between the East and the West, reflecting the ethnic diversity of Eastern Europe. The music material is very interesting there: some religions … Continue reading “Grant for a concert in sacred languages of north-east Poland”

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    Plans for 2016

    Winther is the time of work in progress on new musical projects. See what is going to appear in 2016. So what is going to happen in 2016? – European premiere of the “Poland-Pakistan. Music Without Borders” CD album. Presumably the tour of this fusion project with Shafqat Ali Khan. – Festivals and the concert … Continue reading “Plans for 2016”

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    Poland – Pakistan. Music Without Borders

    The new CD of official selection WOMEX artists.  The album was created in Pakistan and mixed in Poland. The whole thing is an effect of combining two different words: eastern Europe and southern Asia. “Poland-Pakistan. Music without borders” is planned to be published on the 10th of July 2016 in Poland. CD is distributed by Universal Music … Continue reading “Poland – Pakistan. Music Without Borders”

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    Premiere of YIDDISHLAND CD album

    At the ‘Singer Festival’ in Warsaw Album ‘Yiddishland’ consists of songs composed by Karolina Cicha and Piotr Domagalski to the texts written by Jewish poets from Podlaskie region: Chaim Siemiatycki, Rabbi Elizer Szulman of Tykocin or Moris Rosenfeld from Sejny. Other songs are the testimonies of the places: “Bialystok main heim” and other traditional Jewish songs … Continue reading “Premiere of YIDDISHLAND CD album”

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    ‘9 Languages’ at WOMEX

    ‘9 languages’ was presented at the biggest World Music festival in the world. On 23rd October Cicha with Bart Pałyga performed “9 languages” at WOMEX – the biggest showcase World Music festival in the world. The group was chosen as a representative of this part of Europe during official selection, in which over 1000 bands from all … Continue reading “‘9 Languages’ at WOMEX”

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    USA tour

    The tour started on 16th September and lasted for two weeks. The project „9 languages” by Karolina Cicha and Bart Pałyga, in co-operation with the Polish Institute in New York, will be presented at prestigious world music festivals in USA! Musicians will perform, among others, in: ‘Legion Arts’ (Cedar Rapids, USA) ‘World Music Fest’ (Chicago, USA) … Continue reading “USA tour”

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