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  • Grant for a concert in sacred languages of north-east Poland

    This year Cicha will prepare a concert based on the various religions of her homeland – Podlaskie.
    I will
    work on a sacral music from my home region – Podlaskie, north-east
    Poland. It is a symbolic border between the East and the West,
    reflecting the ethnic diversity of Eastern Europe. The music material is
    very interesting there: some religions created rich performing
    traditions (such as polyphonic Orthodox songs or Klezmer scales of the
    Sabbath singing), the other (like Tartar Islam) have its own traditions
    of melodeclamation of the Holy Book, yet another have gathered various
    music styles within centuries (Catholicism: from Gregorian chant,
    through classical music to gospel). I will try to combine this mosaic
    into a musically coherent program and show the religious landscape –
    possibly in a context of most beautiful sacral songs from various
    • The premiere concert of the grant will take place in Białystok / Poland – in the heart of Podlaskie Voivodship on december 2016.
    • The work in progress show is planned in Augsburg / Deutschland 5th of august 2016.
    Cicha is granted by the Grant of Marshal of Podlaskie Voivodship.

    Booking / Rezerwacja koncertów:

    Karolina Cicha
    +48 505 539 120

    Ewelina Krawczyk “Się tworzy”
    +48 662 941 946


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