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    Winther is the time of work in progress on new musical projects. See what is going to appear in 2016.

    So what is going to happen in 2016?

    – European premiere of the “Poland-Pakistan. Music Without Borders” CD album. Presumably the tour of this fusion project with Shafqat Ali Khan.
    – Festivals and the concert “9 Languages” enriched of new songs in the languages spoken in north-east Poland
    – Sacred Equivalent of ‘9 Languages’ Concert with languages such as hebrew, latin, old ortchodox language or arabic
    – development on Tatar music.

    Booking / Rezerwacja koncertów:

    Karolina Cicha
    +48 505 539 120

    Ewelina Krawczyk “Się tworzy”
    +48 662 941 946


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