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  • Miękkie maszyny, (Soft Maschines) 2012

    “…Her voice is used (and recorded) superbly. You can hear every word,
    every little turn, every breath. (…) The fragment in “Come gentle
    night”, where she sighs “In the middle of the day I search for the
    moon”, gives you goose-bumps. (…) Cicha has a very distinctive timbre,
    and she’s very charismatic, magnetic. (…) Cracovian-Parisian, sharp,
    with an artistic bent, acoustic, melancholic, but very precise. Cicha is
    a very communicative artist, with no adjectives to describe her –
    ‘avant-garde’ or ‘alternative’” (Gazeta Wyborcza, J. Świąder)
    Guest appearances by T. Budzyński i Mamadou Diouf
    Come gentle night

    (sł. K. Cicha, W. Shakespeare)

    The crowd of billboards along the street

    Just like thoughts in my brain

    Too many shapes, too much rush

    Let’s prepare ourselves for the night

    No doubt – it’s time to escape

    The moon tries to come closer – the stars begin to dance

    The troubles of the day must pass and wait for the next sunrise


    “Come gentle night, come loving night, give me my lover

    And when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars

    And he will make the face of heaven so fine

    That all the world will be in love with night

    And pay no worship to the garrish sun”

     (W. Shakespeare)


    One busy day after another

    No dreams, no air, no relief

    In the middle of the day I search for the moon.

    When will you come to soften my body

    When will you break the wall inside me

    When will I be able

    To catch your loving face

    “Oh I have bought a mansion of love

    But not possessed it, and though I am sold

     Not yet enjoyed

    so tedious is the day

    Like an impatient child I’m waiting

    I am waiting” (W. Shakespeare, fragmenty monologów Julii z “Romea i Julii)


    Tomorrow night

    sł. K. Cicha

    Tomorrow night

    take this vial and drink

    be brave and be not scared.

    You will only fall asleep

    but your body will look like dead.

    Then they‘ll lay you in that vault

    where your lover will find you soon.

    His grief will melt when he sees

    that you wake up from this mortal dream.


    Only trust that you will rise

    From this death-like dreaming.

            Then you’ll see him.

    Tomorrow night

    Take this vial and drink

    You’ll fade away for a while

    Until you see your lover next day

    You are completely alone.

    People around you think that you’ve died.

    They will lay you in a gloomy vault.

    Try to conquer this strangling fear

    Saying that you’ll stay in death’s embrace.


    All that is solid melts into air

    sł. K. Mojsak

    All that is solid melts into air

    the air for people to breath

    the air for people to share

    the air for us to steal each other

    No chance to go back

    And no use to despair

    When all that is solid melts into air

    and you have shifting sand in your shoes

    but it’s now you who can choose the direction

    no protection, no connection

    so much to gain, nothing to loose

    straight paths, illusions

    shortcuts, conclusions

    institutions, destitutions

    maps and tricks and traps

    books of rules – confusions

    deluge of delusions

    free will is freewheeling whenewer it wills

    steer cleer of ill-will and do what you will

    don’t confuse the giant with a wind mill



    (sł. K. Cicha, K. Mojsak)

    There’s light from inside

    From the eighth dimension

    But I’m not a part of it

    I’m not that force inside me

    My possession is not mine

    My power is only pretence

    It appears and goes away

    I’d like to keep it for myself

    The stream of beauty, impossible to define

    It chose me to be its medium

    I’m trying to catch it

    but it always escapes

    It blows wherever it wants

    And I can hear its voice

    But I don’t know where where it comes from

    And where it goes.

    The meaning always comes from a side angle

    It always comes after all. Like a thief

    The rest happens of it’s its own will

    The rest is silence.


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