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  • YIDDISHLAND – A concert in yiddish language.

    The concert ‘Yiddishland’ consists of songs composed by Karolina Cicha and Piotr Domagalski to the texts written by Jewish poets from Podlaskie region: Chaim Siemiatycki, Rabbi Elizer Szulman of Tykocin or Moris Rosenfeld from Sejny. Other songs are the testimonies of the places: “Bialystok main heim” and other traditional Jewish songs connected with this region, as well as a song, written in archaic Yiddish, by the XVIth century scholar Rivka Tiktiner, whoa father was raised in Tykocin. Some of this texts have never seen the light of day – have never left the archives.

    ‘Cicha’s unique approach to rare repertoire is absolutely compelling, and her artistry on stage, as performer and musician is riveting. I have directed the oldest festival of Jewish music in the U.S for the past fifteen years. In that capacity, I have heard a wide range of artists from around the world who present Jewish music. Ms. Cicha stands out. Her work is original, intelligent, and creative, and makes a strong contribution to contemporary Jewish culture.’ Eleonor Shapiro / Jewish Music Festiwal, Berkley, California

    ‘Karolina Cicha is a charismatic singer and a composer endowed with extraordinary sensibility to poetic phrase. The concert is born out of her fascination with musical tradition and brings what is the most precious in it: an element of truth and the roots’ energy. She combines it, in an uncompromising way, with the innovative sound of the instruments and the emotional, filled with passion singing.’ – Miron Zajfert, Artistic Director of New Jewish Music Festival in Warsaw

    Booking / Rezerwacja koncertów:

    Karolina Cicha
    +48 505 539 120

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