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  • ‘9 LANGUAGES’ – minorities of north-east Poland

    The concert in the languages spoken by minorities of north – east Poland.

    Concert relates especially to the multicultural traditions of region Podlaskie located in the very northeast of Poland. We’ll hear the songs in following languages: Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian, Romani, Belarusian, Yiddish, Polish and Tatarian.

    The concert draws from the richness and diversity of Cicha’s home region – Podlaskie, which is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse areas in the whole Poland – the borderland between the East an the West. The region is inhabited by Polish, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Tatars and Roma people. Before the war there was a big Jewish community living and working here – the Jews constituted a big proportion of local society. Many religions are practiced there, many languages spoken. No wonder it was here that the idea of Esperanto language was born – in this multicultural Ludwig Zamenhof was brought up. ‘9 Languages Concert’ shows multidimensionalness of Polish culture and the power of music – the best translator of emotions, universal language, understandable for people of all cultures.

    The concert was invited to the Official Selection of WOMEX (2015)


    “The set by polyglot Polish singer, accordeonist and electronicist Karolina Cicha and multi-instrumentalist Bart Pałyga was for me a transcendent moment almong the many spot-on showcases at last yea’s WOMEX.”


    ‘9 Languages’ concert was also presented on such festivals as: ‘World Music Fest’ (USA); ‘TFF Rudolstadt’ (Germany); ‘FMM Sines Festival’ (Portugal); Ethnoport (Poland); Cheoyong Culture Festival (South Korea); ‘Art Pole’ (Ukraine); ‘Suklegos’ (Lithuania); ‘Folkbaltica’ (Germany/Denmark); ‘Euroradio Folk Festiwal’ (Sweden); ‘Kamianitza’ (Bielaruss); ‘Isole che Parlano’ (Sardinia); ‘Legion Arts’ (Cedar Rapids, USA); ‘Global Union’ (Milwaukee, USA); ‘Lotus Fest’ (Bloomington, USA); ‘Gypsy Festival Drom’ (New York, USA); ‘World Music Festival’ (Slovakia); ‘Music Mela Festival’ (Pakistan); ‘Les Traversées Tatihou’ (France); ‘Five Temples Festival’ (Hungary); ‘Menuo Juodaragis’

    ‘9 Languages’ draws from traditional musical scales. However, it is not a compilation of archive material, but a coherent whole, speaking modern musical language, based on the original Cicha’s style, her charisma and individual expression.(Lithuania)



    Booking / Rezerwacja koncertów:

    Karolina Cicha
    +48 505 539 120

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