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Karolina Cicha is a singer-songwriter. One-woman-orchestra.
She plays many instruments at once and sings using vocal techniques
that she developed herself. 

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Her career started with solo concerts. In 2009 she
started a band and that’s when her adventure with rock music
began. First, she recorded two tracks for “GAJCY” – an album of
musical rock interpretations of the poems of Tadeusz Gajcy (published by
Warsaw Uprising Museum). According to the “Interia” website
ranking, her song "Miłość bez jutra" (“Love with no
tommorow”) was one of the ten best polish rock songs of 2009. Since then she has published many albums: “DO LUDOŻERCÓW”
(with lyrics of Tadeusz Rożewicz) and “WAWA2010.PL”,
a collection of songs about Warsaw, where she sang duets with
stars of the polish alternative scene. "MIĘKKIE MASZYNY"
was the third album in her discography – and the first to include
some of her own lyrics. 

In 2013 together with Bart Pałyga she published '9
Languages' album with the traditional songs in languages spoken
by people living in North-east of Poland. The same year artists won GRAND PRIX and AUDIENCE PRIZE on 'New Tradition' - Polish Radio Folk Festival organized by Polish Radio.

Since then the album '9 Languages' was presented on such festivals as:

'Art Pole' (Ukraine)
'Suklegos' (Lithuania)
festival' (Poland)
'Euroradio Folk Festiwal' (Sweden)
'FMM Sines
Festival' (Portugal)
'Folk Holidays” (Czech
'Kamianitza' (Bielarus)
Pakistan National
Council of Arts, Islamabad (Pakistan)
'TFF Rudolstadt' (Germany)
'Isole che Parlano'
'Legion Arts' (Cedar Rapids, USA)
'World Music
Fest' (Chicago, USA)
'Global Union' (Milwaukee, USA)
Fest' (Bloomington, USA)
'Gypsy Festival Drom' (New York,
WOMEX Festival (Budapest, Hungary)

She has prizes at some of the most prestigious festivals in Poland and abroad. She won the Grand Prix at the Student Song Festival in Krakow, the second prize at the Actor's Song Review in Wroclaw, and the first prize at the Chansonsfestival in Koln, Germany. 

In 2014 polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage gave her
the prestigue grant called "Młoda Polska" to develop
a digital instrumentarium. 
She has a PHD in humanities (history of literature). 

Alongside her music, she has also worked regularly in the theatre.  Between 2007 and 2009, she played and sung the title roles in “Electra” and “Ifigenia in A…” by “Gardzienice” Theatre (direction W. Staniewski) - performances based on reconstructions of antique music. 

See also biogram written by Anna Legierska: 



DO LUDOŻERCÓW (2010) It is closer from here to Patti Smith than to the musical Land of Mildness. Which is very good, since the poetry of Różewicz is also from another land. 

“Karolina Cicha found an effective aesthetic way of presenting Różewicz’s poetry in music. A literary critic, actress of “Gardzienice”, singer and composer – she  prepared the material ‘Do ludożercow’ as a coherent sequence of Różewicz texts. What’s interesting is that she mostly chose the poet’s recent works, in which Różewicz plays intertextual games with the languages of contemporaneity, journalism and mass culture. (…) In an analogy to the intertextual nature of this poetry, the musicians create a pastiche-like collage with hard rock, reggae and other genres. It is soon clear that it fits the lyrics perfectly. Careful delivery of verses – somehow paradoxically – gives weight to the importance of the words in the clamor of sounds. The ironic use of musical contrasts corresponds with the ironic intertextuality of Różewicz. Cicha emphasizes the humor of the poems and combines it in her performance with various qualities, creating tragicomic effects. (…) An album with this material is soon to be published: it’s worth waiting for, and hope it won’t be long!” (Adam Poprawa, “Odra”, nr 4, 2009).

“This time the phrase ‘sung poetry’ is inappropriate. Yes, Karolina Cicha won the prize on the Actors Song Review in Wrocław, where the actors sing poetry. Yes, on ‘Do ludożercow’ Cicha sings, melo-recitates, shouts and sometimes raps the poems of Różewicz. But the music on this album is noisy, and the vocal expression has little to do with The Land of Mildness of sung poetry. It’s closer from here to Patti Smith than to Grzegorz Turnau. Which is very good, since the poetry of Różewicz is also from another land. lternative musical aesthetics fits it much better than acoustic background. Keep it like that, Karolina!”    (Mirosław Pęczak, Różewicz z muzyką., Polityka, nr 51, 18 grudnia 2010)

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