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    KAROLINA CICHA is a singer-songwriter. One-woman-orchestra. She plays many instruments at once and sings using vocal techniques that she developed herself. Her career started with solo concerts. In 2009 she started a band and that’s when her adventure with rock music began. First, she recorded two tracks for “GAJCY” – an album of musical rock interpretations of the poems of Tadeusz Gajcy (published by Warsaw Uprising Museum). According to the “Interia” website ranking, her song “Miłość bez jutra” (“Love with no tommorow”) was one of the ten best polish rock songs of 2009. Since then she has published many albums.

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    Upcoming concerts

    22 IIIRadom
    MOK "Amfiteatr"

    Cicha solo, godz. 18:00

    23 III Zakopane
    Teatr Witkacego

    Cicha Solo, godz. 19.15

    25 IIIStary Sącz
    Festiwal Bonawentura

    Cicha solo

    20 IVLublin

    Cicha + Banda Nella Nebia + goście

    6 VCzęstochowa
    Festiwal Gaude Mater

    JEDEN-WIELE, Koncert sakralny

    8 VWiedeń / Vienna (A)
    Ambasada RP

    Closed event

    17 VBiałystok
    19 VKrzywogoniec

    Solo, godz. 20.00

    10 VIParis (FR)
    Jewish Culture Festival
    16 VI Warszawa
    Instytut Teatralny

    Jeden – wiele

    21 VIILudwikowice Kłodzkie
    Festival "Góry Literatury"


    ‘Rebecca’ at Opole Festival
    TATAR ALBUM official video ‘Kirfiklere’
    ‘9 Languages’ at NEW TRADITION – ‘Luba’
    ONE/MANY concert
    Cicha & Company at ETHNOPORT festival
    ‘Bialystok majn hejm’ official video


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    ‘The polyglot vocalist reawakens the Tatar warriors.’ – Review in Songlines

    SIMON BRIGHTON: “Karolina Cicha is one of Poland’s most accomplished and interesting vocalist, not least for the choice of muic she performs. Her NINE LANGUAGES album (2013), with the brilliant multi-instrumentalist Bart Pałyga, was performed in the nine languages found in her native Podlasie region of north-east Poland. Two of thise were Tatar songs, and … Continue reading “‘The polyglot vocalist reawakens the Tatar warriors.’ – Review in Songlines”

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    ‘TATAR ALBUM’ ready to download!

    Album avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer,Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music. To choose, klick: https://umusicpl.lnk.to/bfLSx

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    An official video of the TATAR ALBUM

    Let us introduce the film of Armand Urbaniak and Dariusz Wrzoł. „Kirfiklere” – a traditional song of Volga Tatars. directing, screenplay, cameras: Armand Urbaniak i Dariusz Wrzoł;Starring: Karolina Cicha & Bart Pałga; Archerer: Michał Sanczenko – AMM Archery; Tatarski Zespół Dziecięco – Młodzieżowy „Buńczuk”: the girl: Emilia Mucharska, the boy: Selim Mucharski, and: Stefan i … Continue reading “An official video of the TATAR ALBUM”


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    Krzysztof Kubański
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